Consignor Information

Entering your consignor information correctly is very important, ESPECIALLY YOUR CONSIGNOR NUMBER. If you are unsure of your consignor number, see the example:

L-138-ZZJ is the consignor # for this example. Your own consignor # is printed on all of your tags and also appears in your account when you log into the JBF tagging site. 


If you don't know your consignor #, don't guess or make one up. Do not enter your name, phone #, etc in the consignor # field. Familiarize yourself with your consignor #. You will need it to drop off, pickup and to have questions answered about your account.

Drop Off Dates: 

Tuesday, August 6th | 4p - 9p (last appointment 8:30)
Wednesday, August 7th | 9a - 2p (last appointment 1:30)

  • Select a Drop Off time that works with your schedule. 
  • Children are welcome at Drop Off but can make it more challenging for you, so we recommend leaving them home if you are able to.  
  • Check in when you arrive and follow the instructions for putting your items on the sales floor.  
  • You will be walking the sales floor and dropping off your items in the areas where they will be placed. We will have a detailed map / guide for Drop Off and we will publicize this several days before Drop Off starts so you have a better understanding of the process. 
  • If you are new to consigning and dropping off, know that you get to keep any bins, totes, etc that you use to help get your items in to the building. Coat hangers are sold with your items and are not returned. 
  • If you select an Express Drop Off time, you will bring your items into the venue and drop them in a central location near check-in. You do not have to place your items on the floor, so this option can save you time. This is a great choice if you need to bring kids with you during drop off. Express Drop Off has a $15 fee per each 200 items; the fee is paid at the time you pay for your registration. You may select multiple Express Drop Off appointments if you have over 200 items. 

Express Drop Off Only:
(Do not complete if you intend to place your items on the floor yourself during seller drop off.)
Express Drop off costs $15 and has a limit of 200 items. If you're using Express Drop Off and you have over 200 items, please add a second Express Drop Off fee. 

Community Influencers:
Our JBFOC community influencer program allows our sellers the opportunity to get rewarded for sharing about our sale in your community and through social media. As a participant, you'll have the opportunity to earn shopping credit (Community Influencers), early access shopping passes, and/or entries to our seasonal raffle. 

  • You'll earn JBF Bucks, early shopping passes, and/or entries to our seasonal raffle.

Unsold Items

  • If you chose to donate your unsold items when making item tags, you're all set! We have relationships with area non-profit organizations whose mission is to serve those in need. You can feel good knowing that your unsold items will be used and loved by others who appreciate your generosity. You will receive donation credit for your unsold items from our charity partner, Lighthouse of Pontiac. 
  • If you chose not to donate your unsold items when you entered and printed your item tags, you must reserve a Pick Up appointment below to pick them up.
  •  Please Note: whether or not you donate your items is a decision you make when tagging them on the myJBFtags page. This form is only for you to make an appointment to pick up your items. This form is unable to change your tag donation preferences, and all items with a (D) will be donated even if you make a Pick Up appointment. 

Unsold items with tags that have a (D) in a circle are automatically donated:

Payment Preference
We send most payments to sellers via Deluxe e-Checks. These are printable check that come to your email. Some sellers prefer to have a paper check physically mailed to their home. Some banks place both early and/or late holds on e-checks and physical checks from small businesses. Just Between Friends Oakland County cannot control whether a bank chooses to place a check hold on either an e-check or paper check.

Consignor Waiver
Read and click  "I have read and agree to the terms"  box to indicate your agreement.

Consignor Fee

JBF Oakland County charges a small fee to consignors to ensure we can provide the best sales experience to both our shoppers and our sellers. 

Because we are a young sale, we are extra dependent on consignors who register to sell at our sale showing up! We charge our consignor fees up front to help predict the number of consignors and shoppers we can expect. We also understand that there are several sales in our area, and when different sales have different policies, it gets confusing. For our sale:

  • We have an Early Bird Fee of $10 through June 30th, then our fee increases to $15.
  • Consignors who help 8 or more hours at our sale will have their consignor fee reimbursed into their paychecks.

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